Community Reporters Training for Migrant Associations in Cantabria- Spain

isabel2PerioIn the framework of ISABEL project and with the overall objectives of applying new technologies to empower groups and communities, strengthen social and intercultural relationships, DOCUMENTA has organized a community reporter training targeted to Migrant Associations in Cantabria composed by adults between 26 and 56 years old coming from different countries.

The workshop aims to introduce the Migrant Associations in the world of citizen journalism showing the tools and knowledge necessary to acquire communication skills and to be able to publish news or stories written by them on the net. This allows participants to produce independently contents to express their life experiences, to write about their associations concerns or the activities undertaken.

isabel1PerioThe workshop was developed from 5th to 9th of March; eight representatives of the following associations have participated:
Asociación Paraguaya de Cultura y Arte, Asociación Ecuatorianos Amigos en el Reencuentro, Asociación Familia Pacheco Perú, Asociación Camerunesa en Cantabria y la Asociación Máxima Mujeres en Acción.

The training fulfilled the expectations of participants: they learnt to write well structured news, to edit photos using appropriate software and to edit their own films for a later publication on YouTube.  Therefore, the Associations feel like real community reporters.

In addition to the new knowledge and skills acquired, the training offered a meeting place for dialogue between the Associations and the possibility to reinforce the friendship among them.