Developed training for the Mingle project on mentoring issues

Mingle-Formación mentoringDuring the months of January and February DOCUMENTA has carried out the training of the Mingle project aimed at local people on issues of TCN integration such as intercultural communication, mentoring, the Scale of Active Citizenship and online tools of the project, among others.

More than 100 people have been trained to carry out mentoring tasks for the TCNs participating in the Mingle project. During these workshops, participants have been able to learn more about the project and the tools it offers, such as OACAT (Online Active Citizenship Assessment Tool) or EMKIT (Empowerment Toolkit), aimed at evaluating the degree of the Active Citizenship Scale in which the NTPs are already proposing various activities to improve their degree of integration.

In addition, during these workshops, topics such as Intercultural Communication and Mentoring, both necessary to carry out this next stage of the project, will be carried out, where mentoring will be carried out to 100 NTPs with a total duration of 400 hours.

This phase seeks to complete a project marked by its high degree of participation and its work to raise public awareness after more than two years of development. Spanish courses, workshops on intercultural skills, institutional and cultural visits, Mingling Experiences, Mingle Point ... are some of the results that the European Mingle project has achieved in this time and in which more than 200 TCNs and 150 locals have participated.

At the moment, the mentoring that will be the closure of the project and that will help the participating TCNs to improve their degree on the Active Citizenship Scale and improve their participation in the host society is being planned. Due to the current situation in Spain, mentoring will take place when the situation returns to normal.

The Mingle project aims to facilitate Active Citizenship and the integration of Nationals from Third Countries through collaboration and networking with different social agents in the host community, generating Social and Human Capital.