How the InCommon toolkit can help us during and after the corona crisis

InCommonGS1Many of us are at home at the moment, without social contacts, without any distraction. We now feel how it can be for newly arrived migrants to be separated, to be at home to not go out for cultural events, not because they don’t want, but because they are scared or just don’t know how to behave. This fear is now a collective one and we feel a kind of lost. Just look at yourself when going shopping right now – you are not sure what is appropriate and what not, how to behave...

We want to encourage you in this phase of self-development during the shutdown of corona-crises to use the good practice examples to see others work which can help you in finding your passion. Your way of being, your goals and what really matters for yourself. We have collected 40 examples that really can be an inspiration.

Also social contacts can be evaluated during the crisis – who is giving me pleasure and who doesn’t? Whom do I want to keep contact with and whom do I want to invite in my life?

Maybe the examples of the toolbox can help us to make new contacts after the crisis is over.

Remember, every crisis keeps a big potential of development – let’s create the best future we ever can assume.

Link to the InCommon Toolkit good practices