FENCE. Gender equality empowerment and capacity building

FENCE NEWS1FENCE- Fighting Gender Bias and Contributing in Gender Equality is a European project of the Erasmus + initiative that fights against gender bias and contributes to gender equality in the workplace, both in institutions, companies, and organisations such as public administration.

The project is coordinated by the British organisation
Dacorum Council For Voluntary Service in collaboration with six entities from six European countries: United Kingdom, Italy, Cyprus, Romania, Greece and Spain. DOCUMENTA is the Spanish partner and responsible for the research area.

The result of the research will be the 'Review Paper', an analysis and data collection document on the state of the question in equality and elimination of gender bias, which includes bibliography, good practices, training models, data and statistics, in addition to the perceptions and experiences of professionals on the existing training environments in the countries participating in the project.

Based on the conclusions of the research, in the next two years, different activities will be implemented to promote gender equality, among which the creation of an innovative virtual training course on gender equality issues consisting of a box of digital tools, a web platform and a mobile application developed under a collaborative learning approach.

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