The In2C project continues with the planned activities at a good pace

In2C NoticiaThe strong commitment of the partnership, and the application of ICTs to online work, allow important advances in the development of the Work Packages (WPs) of the In2C Project.

Faced with the problems generated by the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 that affect all the countries of our partnership, the In2C Project, building on the potential and opportunities offered by ICTs, has launched a system of periodic online meetings, to promote coordination and collaboration between partners, the correct execution of the activities of the different WPs designed, as well as the achievement and production of the respective objectives, outcomes and deliverables.

The last two online meetings were held on March 12 and 13 (to replace the 3rd Consortium Meeting planned in Nicosia (Cyprus)), and on April 24, 2020, with the active participation of the majority of partners, at through tools like Zoom and Skype.

During the meetings, in addition to discussing the different aspects of financial and administrative management, there have been substantial advances in the WP2 (Awareness raising activities and identification of key stakeholders participants), and WP4 (In2C Training Package for TCNs); and the first activities of WP5 (In2C E-platform / E-tools) and WP6 (In2C SKILLS ONLINE ASSESSMENT TOOL (SOnAT) have started.

At the next meeting, “a priori” on May 27, in addition to monitoring ongoing activities, we will focus on WP7 (Mobilizing employers to actively promote TCNs integration in their workforce), and will analyze the different proposals to create the In2C virtual network / communication e-platform for matching TCNs with employers in Construction Sector.