Towards Cultural Citizenship of Migrant and Refugee Women

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The InCommon Toolbox project developed a full methodology for social integration through cultural participation. The methodology itself, its stages and resources are collected in a free toolkit available online.

The InCommon toolkit provides the materials for implementing a pathway to social inclusion and active citizenship through participation in culture for migrant women, third-country nationals, and refugees.

The methodology behind the toolkit is

1. The assessment of migrant women under the Cultural Citizenship Scale, which helps to provide women the right support in the right moment according to their circumstances and needs.

2. The close collaboration and networking with the local entities and volunteers to facilitate a double way for inclusion that integrates the perspectives of migrant women in the cultural life of the community.

3. The third pillar is the empowerment of migrant women and the reinforcement of their self-confidence through training in Key Competences and Leadership that will lead to cultural interventions.

The toolkit provides methodological papers, training materials, good practices and examples of real experiences that support any organisation in the successful implementation of the InCommon methodology.

The methodology is proven tested in a group of over 400 women in Austria, Cyprus, Greece and Spain.

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