Mentoring sessions for Third Country Nationals within the Mingle project

Mingle - Fotografía Noticia mentoringFor two months, DOCUMENTA is developing the last phase of the Mingle project, MENTORING: personalized advice to TCNs (Third Country Nationals) on legal, labor, educational, cultural and leisure issues.

Through this phase, the needs presented by TCNs are known and analyzed, trying to find solutions to their interests via information, references and recommendations that contribute to improving their integration in the host society.

So far it has had the support of organizations such as La Columbeta, Nueva Vida or La Cocina Económica, advising people with different needs and achieving objectives related to studies, volunteering or work issues.

This phase will continue to be developed in the coming months with the purpose of carrying out 100 mentoring sessions and any immigrant who wishes to receive advice and information that contributes to a better integration and knowledge of the host community is invited to participate.

The Mingle project aims to facilitate Active Citizenship and the integration of TCNs through collaboration and networking with different social agents of the host community, generating Social and Human Capital. In this way, this last phase is the culmination of a project marked by its high degree of participation and its work to raise public awareness after more than two years of development. Spanish courses, workshops on Intercultural Skills, institutional and cultural visits, Mingling Experiences, Mingle Point ... are some of the results that the European Mingle project has achieved in this time and in which more than 200 NTPs and 150 Locals have participated.

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