Presentation of the In2C project at the facilities of the CLF of Cantabria

In2C PresentacionFLCLast November 11th, the Cantabria Construction Labor Foundation and DOCUMENTA presented the In2C project, "Integration of Third Country Nationals in the Construction Sector", in the facilities that the CLF has in Maliaño.

The presentation of the project was carried out by José Antonio Válcarcel, manager of the Foundation, and Javier Farto, president of DOCUMENTA, who explained the objectives of the project and the different work packages such as training in Labor Legislation and Health and Safety at Work or applications developed in the project (Technical Vocabulary or the SOnAT). The event was welcomed with great interest by the attendees, most of them TCNs interested in working in the Construction Sector.

The European project In2C has one goal: the integration of TCNs in the labour market, and, more specifically, in the Construction Sector. This is accomplished through an integral training based on ICTs which is focused on the improvement of TCN’s competences regarding the host country’s language and those related to the Construction Sector, as well as the creation of networks among employers and TCNs.