Final Conference of the Mingle Project

Mingle Noticia Confenrencia Final On December 15th, the Mingle project, after three years of development, ends after having achieved an exceptional participation and a success in the implementation of a methodology that wants to improve the integration of TCNs in the host society.

Next Tuesday, December 15th, the Final Conference of the European Mingle Project will be held, through the Zoom platform, and to which everyone who wishes to know the final results, the lessons learned and the experiences lived during these three years in the different partner countries (Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Sweden and Spain) is invited.

DOCUMENTA and the Santander City Council, through its Municipal Center for Integration and Cooperation for Development (CMICAD), are the entities that have carried out this project in Spain, with actions that have demonstrated their suitability to improve the level of integration of the TCNs resident in the city of Santander as well as in other municipalities of Cantabria.

More than 500 people, including locals and TCNs, have participated in some of the project activities in Spain (Cantabria): in the events that have been held to release and disseminate the project; in Spanish courses; in the workshops on Intercultural Skills; at the Mingling Experiences and at Mingle Point; in trainings for facilitators and mentors; and in the mentoring sessions. A number well above expectations and that shows that the Mingle project has been, during this time, a successful integration model.

For this Final Conference, Spain has the participation in the inaugural session of Gema Igual, Mayor of Santander together with the mayors of Larisa (Greece) and Nicosia (Cyprus). In addition, the presentations by Spain will be given by Javier Farto, President of DOCUMENTA, and with Ana Santamaría and Derek Lundy, both participants in the project as facilitator / mentor and beneficiary TCN.

Anyone who wishes to participate in this Final Conference must only register at the following link: