Mentoring sessions held for 96 TCNs in the Mingle project

Mingle mentoring noticia2During the last six months of last year, DOCUMENTA developed the last phase of the Mingle project in Spain: the Mentoring. A phase focused on advice for TCNs (Third Country Nationals) on legal, labor, educational, cultural and leisure issues, through a series of materials designed by DOCUMENTA which offered to the participants in these sessions, information and activities that contributed to improving their situation and their level of integration in the host society.

96 participants, women (56%) and men (44%) from different countries, especially from Latin America (64.5%) who were informed and advised on actions that focused on improving their situation based on their needs and interests. The most represented nationalities were Peruvian, Venezuelan and Colombian, showing with these data a specific situation of immigration in the region.

After the completion of this phase of the project, the success of these sessions has been confirmed, not only by the degree of satisfaction and participation of the TCNs, but also by the achievements and results obtained: people who have taken up and / or started studying , knowledge of educational and cultural resources, carrying out various volunteering in organizations in the region, knowledge of the tools and channels for job search and even incorporation into the world of work and entrepreneurship.

For this phase of the project, DOCUMENTA also had the support of different entities and organizations such as CMICAD (partners in the project), Red Cross, La Columbeta, La Cocina Económica, Nueva Vida, etc. who contributed to the dissemination and awareness of these sessions to possible interested TCNs.