Completion of the European Mingle project

Mingle Noticia RoadmapAfter almost three years of development, the European project for the integration of TCNs (Third Country Nationals) MINGLE, concluded this January in the five partner countries: Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Sweden and Spain.

The Mingle project has been implemented in Spain, more specifically in Cantabria, by the Santander City Council through its Municipal Center for Immigration and Development Cooperation (CMICAD) and by DOCUMENTA, which during these almost three years have implemented this methodology of work to contribute to the improvement of the integration of immigrants in the region.

During the development of the project, more than 700 people, between TCNs and locals, participated in its actions, thus reaching higher participation rates than expected and a very high degree of satisfaction by the participants.

Spanish courses; workshops on Intercultural Skills and institutional and cultural visits; Mingling Experiences (activities for TCNs and locals seeking to break down barriers and create networks) and the creation of the Mingle Point at the Festival of Nations held in 2019; and the Mentoring sessions (personalized advice on legal, labor, educational, cultural and leisure issues) have been the different stages that the project has followed to help improve the level of integration of the participating TCNs, the perception and knowledge of the paths of immigration by local people, and the relationships between them.

After this time, it can be seen that the Mingle project has been a success in terms of participation, results achieved, raising the awareness of the general population, creating networks and the objectives pursued by the project, have, in the case of Spain, been achieved by implementing this very effective integration model.

Although the Mingle project is finished, the lessons learned will continue, as well as some of the activities carried out (CMICAD continues with the language courses implemented during the project), thus highlighting the sustainability of the Mingle project.

If you would like to see the results and materials from the project, visit its website: Mingle project