A third pilot training for the In2C project carried out in Spain

In2C Formación2021During the last week of January, the Construction Labor Foundation in Cantabria and DOCUMENTA carried out the third pilot training of the European In2C project “Integration of Third Country Nationals in the Construction Sector”, again at the Training Center of the FLC in Barreda (Cantabria) and for a group of TCNs that are participating in the Red Cross program.

During four days, the participating TCNs were able to test the training in Health and Safety (Prevention of Occupational Risks in Masonry) and Labor Legislation and Labor Market in Spain. They were also able to learn about and test the online tools that the project has designed to improve the skills and abilities of TCNs interested in working in the Construction Sector and, in this way, facilitate their integration into this labor market.

At the same time that these innovative online tools (Terminological Glossary, Technical Vocabulary based on images and e-platform) were presented and explained, the different SOnATs, created to evaluate the competencies and knowledge of the participants in the subjects of Safety and Hygiene, were tested and carried out (Health and Safety, Labor Market and Technical Vocabulary).

Like the previous trainings, this one was also received with great interest by the participants, who took advantage of these four days to improve their knowledge in aspects of the Construction Sector and to learn about the In2C project.

The European project In2C aims to integrate TCNs in the labor market and, more specifically, in the Construction Sector through an integral training based on new technologies, focusing mainly the improvement of TCN’s competences regarding the host country’s language and those related to the Construction Sector, as well as the creation of networks among employers and TCNs.