The How to Mingle platform is now available in English

Mingle HowtoMingleOne of the results of the Mingle project is the "How to Mingle" platform. It offers the possibility of learning about the best practices and experiences identified during the development of the MINGLE project, and seeks to achieve transferability and sustainability of this knowledge.

The platform is now available in English and on it can be found different activities, actions and materials that have been a success in their implementation in the partner countries of the project. In the case of Spain, you can find information on some Mingling Experiences carried out such as the Mingle Point, the Percussion Circle, the escape game on the Sustainable Development Goals or the Experiences carried out with Oxfam Intermon and Medicusmundi, among others.

In addition, the platform contains information on other best practices or activities of other projects, especially related to the field of integration of immigrants in the host society.

The "How to Mingle" platform aims to give continuity to a project that has proven to have an effective methodology to help improve the integration process of TCNs, facilitating their active citizenship and generating Social and Human Capital.

We encourage you to learn about the How to Mingle platform at the following link: How to Mingle
and to give us your assessment of its contents and structure with the following evaluation form: Assessment questionnaire for the "How to Mingle" platform