In2C project activities continue with new pilot training

In2C FormaciónMarzo2021On March 29 and 30, Documenta carried out a new pilot training for the In2C project at the Santander City Council's Training and Employment Center, for a group of TCNs interested in the Construction Sector.

For two days in the afternoon, a group of 12 immigrants was trained in aspects of Labor Legislation and the labor market, and Health and Safety in the Construction Sector. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the online tools designed in the project to improve insertion in this Sector (Terminological Glossary, Technical Vocabulary, e-platform and SOnAT).

In this way, 59 people have already carried out this pilot training and have tested the different online tools of the project. It is a successful participation, since the current circumstances stemming from the pandemic did not allow such good results to be expected. Even so, the objective of the project is to carry out this pilot training and testing with 400 TCNs (4 partner countries).


Documenta will continue with these actions this week in collaboration with the Torrelavega Red Cross to continue offering the possibility of learning about different useful and necessary subjects that improve the insertion in the labor market to TCNs resident in Cantabria.

The European project In2C aims to integrate TCNs in the labour market and, more specifically, in the Construction Sector through an integral training based on new technologies, focusing mainly on the improvement of TCN’s competences regarding the host country’s language and those related to the Construction Sector, as well as the creation of networks among employers and TCNs.