Training in Gender Equality through the European project FENCE

FENCE Formación (EN)Documenta has scheduled a free online training course on Gender Equality for next July that seeks to contribute to the development of Gender Competence and the fight against stereotypes in the workplace.

As a partner of the European FENCE project, "Fighting Gender Bias and Contributing to Gender Equality", Documenta invites any interested person (individuals, public staff in local authorities and public bodies, NGOs and CSOs members) to participate in this training course about Gender Competence.

It is a basic level training course that consists of 7 modules and interesting resources, with which the participants will be able to improve their knowledge of Gender Equality, biases and stereotypes, positive organizational culture, how to act and defend Equality, among others.

In order to participate, it is only necessary to fill out the following registration form: Gender Equality Training Registration and in the last week of June the Documenta team will send the necessary instructions to make the training experience as satisfactory as possible.

FENCE is the acronym of Fighting gENder bias and Contributing to gender Equity. The project aims to develop innovative materials and resources to help to fight gender bias through equality awareness and gender competence.

For more information: Fence Project – Fence Project (