The Digital European Conference of the In2C Project

In2C Conferencia Final bannerNext Friday, October 15, at 9 am, the Final Conference of the In2C European Project “Integration of Third Country Nationals in the Construction Sector” will begin, which will be broadcast online through YouTube.

For this event there are various speakers from the different partner countries of the project (Greece, Cyprus, Sweden and Spain) and it will address different issues related to the integration of TCNs, specifically in the Construction Sector.

After 3 years of work this Conference strives to provide closure to an unusual, but successful, development of the project, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes produced by it.

The Conference will be held in English and in order to participate as a listener, it is only necessary to access the broadcast through this link: For more information on the topics to be discussed and the speakers, you can consult the Agenda of the Final Conference.

The European project In2C aims to integrate TCNs in the labour market and, more specifically, in the Construction Sector through an integral training based on new technologies, focusing mainly on the improvement of TCN’s competences regarding the host country’s language and those related to the Construction Sector, as well as the creation of networks among employers and TCNs.