Strengthening micro-SMEs at the Inmigrants women association in Sumak Allpa, Barrio de San Roque
Young bussines initiatives in Pichincha, Ecuador
Defending and promoting the rights of the Afro-Ecuadorian people
Sustainable tourism as a development tool in 3 villages (Part II)
Sustainable Tourism as a development tool in 3 villages
Enhancement of the Culture Management School and Best Practices seminar in Culture and Development
Awareness-raising on the Culture and Development strategy in decentralized cooperation
Participatory management of water in the Guayamba river Basin
Construction and consolidation of living plans for indigenous people in the Amazon river
Supporting afro-american communities to improve networking and profitability of identity, culture and employment
Entrepreneurship inside and outside our boundaries: International Cooperation programmes with inmigrants in Spain
"Antioquia emprende" programme
Bolivar moves forward by learning
Workshop school "Cantabria" for the urban revitalization of Huaycán, Peru
New Sources of Employment in Huaycán, Peru
On-line evaluation of entrepreneurial projects for the Youth Centre from Rosario, Argentina
Organization of the 1st Cooperation for Development seminar in Santander
Youth towards the Third Millennium. Public Youth Policies in Colombia and its institutions
First seminar about Local Youth Policies in MERCOcities
Participation at the opening session of "Andres Bello" Chair of Youth, Education and Employment
Fostering associative actions
Integrated Coastal Resources. Transboundary Integrated Development project in the Uruguay river