Workshop school "Cantabria" for the urban revitalization of Huaycán, Peru

Implementation period: 2002-2004

Area of intervention: Huaycán, Peru

Sector of activity: Local Economic Development by training and social-labour insertion

Beneficiaries:: 221 men and women from Huaycán

Costs 1ª stage 84.598,46€   2º: 95.500

Funded by: Cantabria Government, General Directorate for European Affairs and Development Cooperation

Project results: 

The main outcomes of the project were:

  • Running up of the management structure for training and employment to face demands and needs of qualification, and life standards in Huaycán community.
  • Creation of 3 curricula for its continuous delivery, elaboration and design of training materials
  • Implementation of a training programme and trainneeships with 6 courses in 3 proffesions (plumbing, gardening and construction) for 77 people during the first stage and 144 during the second.
  • Inventary and classification of the Urban public spaces in Huaycán
  • Masonry work: construction of green areas and 2 public spaces, land conditioning of the Huaycán Industrial Park (construction of a tanker of drinking water; building a staff room in a school and construction of a building of 80 m2 intended for community library.
  • Plumbing Works: Repair preparation and sanitary facilities of two schools.
  • Landscaping works: design of a public park and a plant nursery
  • Completion of a training program for microenterprise services, specialized in each of the trades and implementation of a plan to support the initiatives of the beneficiaries, in which many local actors as the Municipal Government involved, neighborhood leaders and NGOs involved in the area.