Bolivar moves forward by learning

Implementation period: 2008

Area of ​​intervention: Bolivar. Colombia.

Sector of activity: Local Development. Entrepreneurship.

Funded by: Government of the Autonomous Region of Madrid, IBEREMPRENDE Foundation, Foundation COLOMBIA EMPRENDE,

Beneficiaries: Young and female entrepreneurs.


  • Co-authoring (Javier Farto) in a book about Social Responsibility delivered under the Citizen Entrepreneur Program. This was done with the chapter "Smart and Responsible Territories. Territorial Intelligence and Social Responsibility Territory (RST).
  • Design, development and delivery of the training course entitled: Sustainable Local Development in Intelligent and Responsible Territories under the Training Course for Municipal Technical Cooperation Project Bolívar held in the city of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) from 14 to 17 April 2008. Training was focused on the following modules. 1) Local Sustainable Development in intelligent and Responsible Territories. 2) From Innovation to Products: Management of cultural heritage and tourism promotion as a tool for sustainable local development; 3) Alternative Microfinanciation for Local Sustainable Development
  • A conference on Sustainable Local Development in Intelligent and Responsible Territories was also held under the Entrepreneur Week Project Development Cooperation in the same city on 18th April 2008.