Construction and consolidation of living plans for indigenous people in the Amazon river

Implementation period: 2009-2010

Area of ​​intervention: Pastaza Province. Ecuador

Sector of activity: Government and civil society. Strengthening civil society.

Beneficiaries: 1,619 people, including the indigenous nationality Andoa and peasant settlers living in the territory.

Total cost: € 51,995.86

Funded by the Government of Cantabria. Directorate General for European Affairs and Development Cooperation.

Achieved results:

The main aim of the project was to defend their identity and promote democratic and inclusive processes.

It has managed to have a final document of Life Plan built by Andoa population, validated by the General Assembly Andoa nationality and promoting their operability in various local, regional, national and international spaces.

Among the most significant impacts were included: the presentation and positioning Andoa as nationality, both within their own organization and outside of the province of Pastaza. In addition, the preparation of its Plan of Life has been a key to strengthening local, regional and national level step because they have a strategic plan that henceforth guide their actions and allowed the opening of spaces and budgets strengthened as as indigenous people and organization.