Awareness-raising on the Culture and Development strategy in decentralized cooperation

Implementation period: 2009-2010

Area of intervention: Latin America

Sector of intervention: Culture and Development

Beneficiaries: Cooperation agents in Cantabria and Latin America.

Total cost: 48.006,24 €

Financed by the Goverment of Cantabria,Directorate of European Affairs and Cooperation for Development.

Achieved outcomes:

This project boosted the creation of the website and virtual community "DocumentaCooperación:" Culture, Democracy and Development, oriented to cultural and cooperation agents both in Cantabria and Latin America, in order to spread the Culture and Development strategy from the Spanish Cooperation planning, and rise interest on knowledge and best practices on the areas (Culture&Development, New water management issues, and Culture&Employment. Besides, this website offers numerous teaching materials and resources, publications and useful links related to the area.