Enhancement of the Culture Management School and Best Practices seminar in Culture and Development

Implementation period: 2008-2009p6-Fortalecimiento

Area of intervention: Urban historic centre of Quito (Ecuador), Pichincha Province, Ecuador.

Sector of intervention: Culture and Development

Beneficiaries: Directly: 240 -Indirectly 198.802.

Total costs: 68.512,50 €

Financed by:  Santander municipality

Achieved results:

  • Capacity building of people living in the historical centre of Quito in order to develop entrepreneurial ideas in the area of Culture and Local Sustainable Development (Education, economy, tourism, environment, health, etc.)
  • Systematization of experiences at the international level, both in the European region and in the Andean area (Best practices in Culture and Development)
  • Promotion of best practices exchange between Quito and Santander in Culture and Development by means of practical workshops taking place in both cities.