Sustainable tourism as a development tool in 3 villages (Part II)

Implementation period: 2008-2009

Area of intervention: Manabí  and Pichincha regions, Ecuador.p5 turismo

Sector of intervention: Local Development, Employment creation in the tourism sector.

Beneficiaries: 600 people (entrepreneurs, tourist guides and members of cooperatives)  

Total costs 41.385,70 €

Financed by: Castro Urdiales municipality (Cantabria)

Achieved results:

  • The funds were used to raise awareness on the project initiatives in Spain, focusing on governmental organizations, using the media in Cantabria and other channels at the national level (Press releases-publication in National Geographic). The project reached more than 3,000.000 readers who were informed about sustainable tourism initiatives related to the project.
  • The dissemination and awareness campaing also reached, in addition, 211 organizations, which received customized information by e-mail.