Young bussines initiatives in Pichincha, Ecuador

Implementation period: 2005-2006p2- Iniciativas productivas

Area of intervention: Pichincha. Ecuador

Sector of intervention: Local development, micro-enterprise creation, young employment.

Beneficiaries: About 100 young entrepreneurs 

Total costs: 177.878,00 €

Financed by: Government of Cantabria,Directorate of European Affairs and Cooperation for Development

Results achieved:

  • A socio-economic diagnosis of the territory was done, allowing the identification of the main “niche markets", evaluating business opportunities in three sectors: Agriculture, livestock and crafts; Urban Microentreprise (trade, transport) and Tourism Services.
  • Youth workers aged between 18-30 years received training in business management, with relation to social responsibility. 
  • A credit fund was established to finance micro and community enterprises.
  • The launch of an "Arts&CraftsTraining Center" was provided; extending the "Natural Ecuador" project, promoting tourism through the development of workshops about the elaboration of cocoa, building typical constructions (huts) and eco-tourism accommodation, and creating a newspaper.