Strengthening micro-SMEs at the Inmigrants women association in Sumak Allpa, Barrio de San Roque

Implementation period: 2004-2005

Area of intervention: Pichincha. Ecuador

Sector of intervention: Local development, micro-enterprise creation

Beneficiaries: 24 indigenous women which formed the association, and their families.

Total costs: 76.389,00 €

Financed by: Government of Cantabria,Directorate of European Affairs and Cooperation for Development.

Achieved results:

  • The project has strengthened and improved self-esteem and the dignity of indigenous women living in urban areas by providing them with a stable workspace.
  • It has established a new association, having full legal rights to operate commercially in the Ecuadorian economic context
  • Creation of one specific place to promote female employment, focusing on textile sector. 
  • Creation of sustainable employment in a "tough" social environment where insecurity and lack of training are the main barriers for women.
  • Facilitation and diversification of productive activities through micro credits.
  • In order to complement these proposals,​​ different marketing alternatives were presented visits to workshops and retail stores.