FENCE- Fighting Gender Bias and Contributing in Gender Equality
In2C. Integration of Third-Country Nationals in the Construction Sector
COMANITY: A "Community Animateur" Inclusive Training Programme for Youth
Elastic: Exchange and Learning for Adult Socialworkers: Training ICT Competences.
InCommon Toolbox. Cultural and Educational Interventions for the exercise of the Active Citizenship of Migrant Women.
MINGLE: Generating Social and Human Capital for Third Country Nationals
StepUp2-ICT: Stepping Up to Technology in Adult Education towards Awareness, Assessment and Access
EPHT. Employer Programme for Hospitality and Tourism
QC-VET. Promoting Quality Culture in VET
BeOLD: Better Work in Old Age- Supporting Older Workers and Organizational Environment in Coping with Age Transitions and Work Requirements
FamSkill: Basic Skills and Family Learning – an integrated approach to help adults re-engage with learning
AMICO. A new Alliance for Mobility Incoming and Outgoing
Coop-in: Social Innovation Training for Virtual Work Based Learning
CS.TOUR. Cultural Awareness and Social Skills Key Competences in Tourism
JOBBROKER 2. Competency and learning development for Job Brokers in the EU
IGMA 3.- Shortening Distance to Labour Market for young people with risk for unemployment and social exclusion - Distance Education for Coordinated Measures by Regional Stakeholder Networks
INMATOUR -Innovation Management Agent in Intelligent and Responsible Tourism Destinations-
SEE-ME -Methodology for Early Warning detection of risk for Early School Leaving (ELS)-
PR-ERF. Practical Methodology for Acquiring Key Competences of European Reference Framework through Continuous Vocational Education and Training
JOB BROKER.- The evolving role of the JOB BROKER across the EU
YES. - Youth Unemployment: Enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills
Other Projects
MANAGE. - New Approximation Method for Entrepreneurial Management Learning
LIKE. - Learning through Innovative Management Concepts to Ensure Transfer of Knowledge of Elderly People
LECIM. - Learning Cities for Migrant Inclusion
JS - TOOLBOX. - Methodological Toolbox for Development of New Skill for Future Jobs
ISABEL. - Interactive Social Media for Integration. Skills Bartering. Empowerment. Informal Learning.
INMA. - Innovation Management Agents
IGMA. - "EU Integration Agent" - Innovative Guidance Methodology for Integration of Low-skilled Immigrants into Adult Education
GUIDE. - Case Studies as an Innovative Cross-Cultural Training Material for Guidance Practitioners
GETIR. - European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories
Em - Kit. Empowerment Kit for Immigrant Women with Low Educational / Working Experience
DiGem - Digital Empowerment
CREBUS. - Creating a Business in the Digital Age. Developing Entrepreneurship Competencies for Young Europeans through eMentorship.
CQAF-VET online. Common Quality Assurance Framework- VET. Online Model
CQAF VET - Quality Assurance System for Vocational Education and Training According to ISO System. Provider Model
CERF. Certification Standard for European Reference Framework Key Competencies
Age Work Balance: Balanced Approaches for an Ageing Workforce in Metropolitan Areas