GETIR. - European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories

GETIR. - European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories
CALL: DG EAC/41/09
Innovation Development Project Leonardo Da Vinci
LENGTH: 36 months
STARTING DATE: January 2011



Promoter entity: DOCUMENTA, Spain

Partner entities:
Folk Universitetet - Uppsala, Sweden
Bulgarian Development Agency, Bulgary
Romanian Institute for Adult Education, Romania



The emergence and quick institutional acceptance of Sustainable and Responsible Territories (TSR) and Intelligent Territory (TI) in the EU, together with the help of Documenta in developing Intelligent and Responsible Territories (TIR), involve a deep redefinition of theory and practice of Local Development (LD). They also highlight the obsolescence and the need of redefine the profile and the qualification of thousands of current and potential Agents of Local Development (ADLs or European organizations of the kind), creating a job profile and curriculum training of European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories (GETIR), with new professional skills of regional/local territorial management and a strong labour demand at an European level.

 Main tangible products:

  • Methodological transfer of TIR model, construction of the professional profile of GETIR, training curriculum definition and development of professional skills (publication and dissemination in English).
  • On-line tool (Web 2.0 netbook) for GETIR´s European training (design and technical elaboration; translation to English and partners´ language), and definition of a flexible methodology (to be adaptable to different contexts, like linguistic and political ones) and innovative: cooperative, organizational and social learning; territories that learn in order to compete and innovate.
  • Creation of a social community of GETIR´s territorial learning and innovation: on-line campus (contents; exchange of experiences BBPP; discussion forums); active participation of partners, experts and end users of the definition, implementation, on-going assessment and dissemination of the process; a bottom-up approach and strong multiplier effect; ensuring future sustainability and exploitation of results that extend to the EU.

To contribute to give an answer to the current European labour market demand, in the local development sector (in which the same skills and knowledge have been employed in the course of 15 years) through curricular and professional training and trial of a new European profile called European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories (GETIR)

The objective groups are the technicians of the involved organizations and experts in local development, users that will participate in the trials, member users of the social community, training centres, political leaders of education and training, etc at an European level.