MANAGE. - New Approximation Method for Entrepreneurial Management Learning

MANAGE. - New Approximation Method for Entrepreneurial Management Learning
CALL: LLL – Transfer of Innovation
LENGTH: 24 months
STARTING DATE: October 2009


Airelle Limousin, FRANCE

Key Partners
I2ER, European Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship, FRANCE
IREA, Romanian Institute of Adult Education, ROMANIA
CSCS, Study Centre “Cultura Sviluppo”, ITALY

Secondary Members
Poliytechnic Institute of Lyon, FRANCE
Training Centre Somorrostro, SPAIN
University of Vest, ROMANIA
IARD Foundation, ITALY


Education and training:
• The economic performance of organizations is insufficiently studied in education programmes, particularly in secondary school, college and vocational training centres.

• The perception of a firm is not always a very good thing for young people. That lack of attraction is often related to its unknown concrete day-to-day knowledge.
• Ignorance of the business world, as it may be perceived by difficulties to talk and be understood within the company, is an obstacle that influences young people to build a professional project in the firm.

There are often difficulties in :
• Drawing training and entrepreneurial fields closer, within an occupational outlook for young people, shrinking professional and cultural distances among pedagogical programmes and the required needs of firms on one hand, and by students, on the other hand.
• Designing, dominating and developing of pedagogical tools that raise awareness with regard to economic performance of firms for young people who are in a learning situation and preparing for entry into the labour market or even start their own business.


• Training of trainers
• Training for end users
• Validation of the methodology and transference to the different countries
• Technological support platform for training and dissemination