InCommon Toolbox. Cultural and Educational Interventions for the exercise of the Active Citizenship of Migrant Women.

InCommon1Programme: AMIF

Action: AMIF- Action Grant

Project Total Duration: 24 months

Nº acuerdo: 776199 — InCommon — AMIF-2016-AG-INTE



EDICT, Cyprus


KIST, Austria  






IN-COMMON TOOLBOX aims to implement an individualized guidance pathway for 400 migrant women for the exercise of citizenship through participation in culture of the host community. The underlying concepts are case management, reinforcement of Key Competences and the sistemic intervention at 3 levels:

- Individual: actions for empowerment (personal development through training on KC and leadership).

- Professional: providing effective tools for personal counselling (Methodology of Active Citizenship Scale).

- Community, creation of local stakeholder network.

The project also aims to systematize this process in a tool that allows the transfer of the model at European level.

To this end, a 4 stage process is planned:

- SHARE: exchange of good practices and analisys of barriers that prevent women for the full participation that will result a set of 40 good practices and guidelines to remove barriers for effective integration in cultural life.

- ENGAGE: involvement of beneficiares and creation of 4 local stakeholder networks with at least 40 members. 200 volunteers will also be trained on interculturality.

- START UP: elaboration of a curriculum and delivery of training on KC4 Digital competence, 5 Learning to learn, 6 Social and Civic competences, 8 Cultural awareness and on Leadership.

- INTERACT: development of 20 interventions corresponding to the 5 levels of the scale by the local networks. Organisation of 4 virtual events and a final conference on integration issues.


- To detect the barriers for the effective integration and participation of cultural life of migrant women into the host society through a Europe-wide comparative analysis of good practices on inclusion.

- To train migrant women on Key Competences in order to empower them and, as well, to train women on leadership to enable them to be active members of community.

- To enhance the cultural participation and social inclusion of migrant women in the host society through the creation of local networks, connected at European level.

- To foster the empowerment of migrant women and cross cultural dialogue for the implementation of actions that promote cultural citizenship through the creation of a virtual platform for reflection and plural collaboration on integration at European level.

- To ensure the transfer to other European countries and target groups of the proposed methodology through the systematisation of the whole process in a holistic toolbox. This toolbox will provide mentors, cultural mediators, social workers, and all those who are responsible for integration of third-country nationals with a package of tools, methodologies and recommendations for transference and replicability of the model.


- Migrant Women with difficulties of access to educational and cultural resources in the host community.

- Municipality Services.

- Social Volunteers.

- Mentors.

- Cultural Mediators and Social Workers.

- Organisations with responsibility for the integration of migrants.

- Potential members of the local stakeholders network.

Long term beneficiaries are also responsible for the integration policies; social, cultural, educational and employment services; NGOs and third sector organisations.