Reducing the distance to the labor market DML = 0
Training program for skills acquisition in business: successful case studies
Promoting equality of opportunities and entrepreneurial culture in services to improve quality of life
Analysis of unused resources and possibilities of job creation in the services of daily living and care services
Diagnosis and employability prospects in the fields of Culture, Leisure, Tourism and Environment
Environmental education activities in Reinosa
Development of the Action and Participation plans, and Communication Plan of Reinosa 21 Local Agenda
Elaboration of candidacy paper for the implementation of a Tourism Competitiveness Plan for the Municipality of Noja
A training space for Responsible Intervention in the Territory (Guide)
Guide of new local development funding tools
Strategic Local Planning System for Western Cantabria
Strategic Local Planning System for Eastern Cantabria
Workshops: funding for local sustainable development
Technical assistance in the Castro Urdiales Tourism Management Plan
20 years in Europe. 10 ideas for the future. 100 insights from Cantabria
Proposal for the development of a Tourism Product Plan in the municipality of Camargo
New employment culture: Territorial employment pact in the west of Cantabria-Besaya
New employment culture: Territorial employment pact in the east of Cantabria
Local coordination process in Eastern Cantabria
Local coordination process in the area of Besaya-western Cantabria
Promotion of Social Economy
Technical assistance for the elaboration of dissemination content about the Nature Preservation Law in Cantabria
Tutorial: A walk in the Dunes of Liencres
Workshop development for Local Agenda 21
Technical support in Coordination Plans Eastern Cantabria and Western Besaya basin
Promoting participation of disabled people in environmental jobs
Proposal for the development of an Excellence Tourism in Santillana del Mar
Pedagogical material for Primary and Secondary Education: Water, a resource to keep
Best practices workshop on teams, heritage and cultural resources management and administration at the EU
Strategic cultural Plan of Laredo
First Equal Opportunities Plan between men and women in Reinosa
Candidacy of Tourism Excellence Plan of Santander Bay / Cabárceno
Quality-cheque in Castro-Urdiales
Guide for the elaboration of cultural diagnosis at the local level
Support services for business creation (SACE)
Resources Centre for Self-employment and Spin-off Creation