Implementation period: 1997 - 1999

Initiative / Programme: Art 6. 

Financing Entity: European Social Fund.

Promoter: Adebisa (Guipuzcoa).

Transnational Partners: Documenta (Cantabria), Local Development Agency of Astillero (Cantabria), Tyneside Training & Enterprise Council: Tyneside TEC (United Kingdom) and Mission Régionale pour l´emploi et l´insertion à Charleroi: MIREC (Belgium).

Target groups: Local public authorities. Enterprises.


The project SARELAN has allowed the creation of a local network among entities who work in the support for the generation of new enterprise iniotiatives within already existing enterprises, and also the promotion of new enterprises linked to New Yields of Employment.

From SARELAN a series of actions linked to the achievement of an industrial spin-off methodology have been developed, resulting in the creation of an integral tool for the support to the creation of new enterprise initiatives from the precious existing activities.

Products and results:

- Creation of a spin-off best practices bank.
- Creation of a specific methodology for the development of industrial spin-off.
- Analysis and detection of spin-off possibilities in the municipality of Astillero.